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January 11, 2011
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Zeitgeist Concept by Jameswhite89 Zeitgeist Concept by Jameswhite89
Zeitgeist is an Arcosian and the creator of the android Zealot. As an arcosian he has an extremely weak power level and when they arrive on earth, Zeitgeist is instantly killed by a destructo disc from Krillin. Big image so zoom in for detail :)
Thinkin no more names begining with Z now lol
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Jameswhite89 Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Cool XD in english it means the present cultural climate.. i just thought it sounded cool.. but now i know that it suits him :)
SpongeBoss Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011
"Zeitgeist" are german for Timeghost ^^ xD

but good job.
silverhedgehog2009 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
will gohan eyes truned witite after turles punched in the neck lol
Jameswhite89 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Hmmm.. no idea. lol
silverhedgehog2009 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
ya and hi bro what dos it mean when dbz charaters eyes turn wittie after geting punched
Jameswhite89 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011  Student Digital Artist
defo :)
silverhedgehog2009 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
o ya him so that make 86 thanks for reminding me and have all that lnog whith what you said wood make raging blast 3 parfact
Jameswhite89 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Wicked u really thought this through.. One thing i would add is a limb destroying system.. say cells move he did on piccalo when he stuck his tail in his arm and his arm went bad.. if a character has one of there arms damaged they would not be able to perfom two handed moves... such as the tri beam etc what do ya think? Oh and you missed out Lex in GT you know the guy goku fights an he has a spear :) other than that i agree :)
silverhedgehog2009 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011
5.slug giant
6.super hatchiyack
7.giant hatchiyack
8.garlic Jr broly
10.super garlic Jr
12.spice base
13.super spice
14.vinger base
15.super vinger
19.kogu base
20.super kogu
21.fat janemba
23.Hildegarn base
24.Hildegarn true form
29.Pui Pui
31.evil buu
32.King Cold
33.Great Ape Kid Gohan
34.Great Ape Vegeta
35.kid goku
36.king piccolo kid goku base
38.ssj gt kid goku
39.ssj3 gt kid goku
40.ssj4 goku vegeta base
42.ssj gt vegeta
43.ssj4 vegeta vegeta base
45.super baby vegeta
46.super baby vegeta 2
47.ape baby vegeta
48.super 17
49.nova shenron base
50.nova shenron true form shenron
52.sin shenron base shenron
54.ssj4 gogeta pan
56.kid ubb ubb base
58.majin ubb
60.master rohsi base
61.buff roshi
62,genroal tao
63.cyber tao
64,roldo base
65,hyper roldo
66.metal roldo
67.sgma force canon that beat up gt kid goku
68.super sagma force canon
69.muciy muciy that wood coke gt kid goku abroab his power
70,marjamtljan that fight kid goku in dragon ball
71.teen chichi it beeter then kid goten base
73.ssj gt goten for gt gohan gt trunks they jsut be otufits soem db tien yamhca
76.cell gt kid goku abroabed
77.cell buff form
78.gaint cell
79.king vegeta base
80.ape king vegeta
81.ssj turles what if
82.ssj2 kid goten what if
83.ssj2 kid trunks what if
84. ssj3 teen gohan what if
85. ssj bardock what if

now for outfits

teen gohan
saiyan armor if not rb2 witch it needs to be
white shrit black pants
goku GI
no shrit black pants
blue shrit black pants
purple go with white suff around his neck

kid goten
goku GI bare foot
riped GI
white shrit gray pants
saiyan armor wood be cool outfit for when say sayain armor i mean the goku gohan had on
blue shirt red slvoes black pants form goku friends retrun

kid trunks
no shrit green pants
riped gi
green shrit blue shorts
green shrit blue shrots bare foot
yellow shrit black shrots
blue shirt witite shrots
sayain amror be cool like the gohan goku had on

kid goku
riped gi
red gi bare foot

gt kid goku
riped gi
np shrit with yellow pants

riped gi

trunks fighting
black gi

sayain armor

stages new 19 if them this not 4 stage krillin fight at in boack movie
2.orhter world
3.lab form bio broly
4.drak stage teen gohan fight bujin at
5.baech goku fight piccolo form bojack movie
7.water stage form broly 2 comnig
8.rr tower
9.rr base
10. new plant vegeta
11.plant vegeta
12. hyperblic time cmber form paln to eradract the super saiyans
14.garlic jr palce
15.hotel form goku friends retrun 2
17,beach form t3
i8 ice 2 form t2
19 space 2
effacts like lighting snowing runing
charaters need ot look mroe beat up there needs to be some blood
awsome cut seen
better transfromnig
yelling when transforming
destorying plants
over 1000 sene pic took form amnie
awsome what if fights
battle 100 need to come back story made need ot coem back but
make liek glaxy made where ever charater his story they fight ever one they fight some they did not
charaters need to cough up spit when geting punched in the stomahc face or kneed kciked elbowed haed buted in the stomach face or when get there stomach stpped on
2 oepning lto use make opening lots make charaters eidt charaters
way mroe i mean way more super attack utmeitle atacks team attacks
biger stages
amnie cut seen if the charaters dieing ike lto pcik to use anmie cut seen
story make wood be good to
teen gohan no who goten trunks are they no who he is bardock no who he is some with raditz
put in goku friends retuen movie in rb3 as will
Jameswhite89 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I think they should recruit some fans.. iv seen alot of cool what if transformations on here.. But yh 70 to 80 or else whats the point.
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